Vendor Information

Becoming a vendor requires no experience! Vendor spaces are spacious and affordable! Our Single Space rate is 35.00 (one vehicle per space only), vehicles with trailers take 2 spaces for 60.00.  We do not allow vehicles to be dropped or disconnected. If you have something to sell or are interested in becoming a vendor please feel free to contact us at 262-716-5716, or fill out our online application.

***Please note: the sale of animals, guns, ammunition, pornography, CBD products, food or beverage is NOT allowed.

Review the General Vendor Information, below.

Carefully read the WMFM Rules and Regulations document below.

Carefully read and complete the WMFM Vendor Application below.

Show up to Wilmot Flea Market, the day you wish to sell between 5a-7a and cash for payment.

Any questions, please contact us! We are happy to help! 262-716-5716

If you wish to become a vendor at Wilmot Flea Market, please read and complete the form below. You only need to fill out the application one time. Then just show up!! Do not wait for a response. A yellow postcard will be mailed to you AFTER YOUR FIRST VISIT to the market with your vendor number on it. That will be your vendor number for all future visits. Only fill out a second registration if you have moved or need to update your vendor information. It is your responsibility to know the laws for selling in Wisconsin.

Please refer to the Wisconsin DOR with any questions.

Click here for sellers permits.

Please carefully review, our Rules and Regulations, by clicking here: WMFM Rules and Reg

Show up to Wilmot Flea Market, the day you wish to sell with your  payment ready.

If you earn over $2000 annually in sales, and plan on vending regularly, you must obtain a Sellers Permit through the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue. Choose one of the following options.(Required)

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General Vendor Information

Vendor Space Costs:

We Are Cash Only.

Single Space is 35.00. Vehicles with trailers must take 2 spaces for 60.00. We do not allow you to drop your trailer, it must remain hooked up. Fee is collected at the time of event by attendants at the main gate.

Vendor Space Size:

Each space is 20′ long by 15′ wide.

Vendor Set Up:

Gates are open to vendors from 5:00am until 7:00am, attendants will help you register and direct you to your space.

Vendor Space Rules:

Spaces are first come, first serve (unless previously reserved). Reservations are NOT required, and ample space is available!

Optional Reservations:

For vendors who prefer to have the same space MONTHLY or ANNUALY, reservations can be made to guarantee your exact spot. Contact 262-716-5716 for information.

Reservation Costs:

For those wishing to reserve a specific spot we reserve monthly and annually.   **Note: this is in addition to the usual $35 space costs. Set up ahead of your visit, 262- 716-5716, you will need an aisle and space number to do so. You cannot reserve weekly.

Monthly = (5.00 per week times the number of weeks in month)

Annually = 100.00 flat fee

To Place a Reservation:

Reservations can be made by contacting us at 262-716-5716. You must know the name of the row and space number to reserve.

Additional Info:

Prohibited Sales: Animals, Guns, Ammunition, Pornography, CBD Products, and Food and Beverage Items. The sale of any food or beverages is prohibited, Kenosha County Fairgrounds concessions has the exclusive right to this. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in removal from the market. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Have any questions or concerns?